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Digitized Materials

Available  digital worksheets are linked below -- generally in order of level.  Taskcards are identical to the cardstock shelf-work version  (see Taskcards). Digital worksheets allow children to write on their own copy, either as classwork or homework.  "Worksheets of manipulatives" are a worksheet adaptation of the much-loved cardstock manipulatives.  They are great follow-up and can be used for recording hands-on classwork or for a more abstract worksheet for extensions, diagnostics, or homework.

Immediately after digital orders are processed, the customer receives an email from the reputable digital download service SendOwl. Downloaded files may printed immediately or stored on a computer and accessed as needed. Copyright includes use at a single site.

Taskcards Worksheets of Manipulatives
Addition Facts (K-2) Missing Numbers (K-1)
Subtraction Facts (K-2) Counting (K-1)
Multiplication Facts (K-3) Golden Beads (Blue, Pink, Green, K-2)
Division Facts (K-4) Hundred Line & Tags (K-2)
Problem Solving A (K-2)
Numeration Blue (K-3) Money A (K-2)
Mixed Practice A (K-2) Time A (K-2)
Numeration Pink (1-3) Thousand Line & Tags (K-3)
Tens Gold (1-3) Order Blue (K-3)
Mixed Practice B (K-3) Order Pink (K-3)
Thousands Green (2-4) Order Green (K-3)
Mixed Practice C (2-4) Place Value Blue
Mixed Practice D (3-5) Place Value Pink
Fraction Concepts (3-6) Place Value Green
Decimal Introduction (3-6) Money B (1-3)
Estimation (4-6) Time B (1-3)
Advanced Numeration (3-8)
Fraction Operations (4-8) Problem Solving B (1-3)
More Fraction Operations (4-8) Problem Solving C (2-4)
Number Theory (4-8) Geometry Introduction (2-5)
Mixed Practice E (4-8) Money C (2-4)
More Advanced Numeration (5-8) Time C (2-4)
Percent (5-8) Fraction Match (2-4)
Advanced Decimals (5-8) Roman Numerals (3-5)
Advanced Geometry (5-8) Problem Solving D (3-5)
Operations with Negatives (6-8) Fraction Number Lines (4-8)
Order of Operations (6-8) Order Fractions (4-8)
Algebra Concepts (6-8) Decimal Line and Tags (4-8)
Algebra Equations (6-8) Order Decimals (4-8)
Problem Solving E (4-8)
Support Material Decimal-Fraction Equivalence (5-8)
Numeral Cards Geometry Intermediate (5-8)
Decimal Cards Intervals - Whole Numbers (4-8) 
Millions Cards Intervals - Positive Reals (4-8)
Fraction Tags Intervals - Integers (5-8)
Fraction Chart Intervals - All Reals (5-8)
Measurement Charts Order Reals (6-8)


Math Facts taskcards
Numeration taskcards

Number Concept taskcards
Mixed Practice taskcards

Fraction taskcards

Decimal taskcards
Percent taskcards

Advanced Geometry taskcards

Algebra taskcards


Blackline of Manipulatives (free-response worksheet versions of cardstock matching cards, sequencing cards, number lines or other cardstock manipulative)

Cardstock Shelfwork  We offer a few Cardstock Manipulatives that can be printed on white cover-stock laminated, cut, and placed on shelf as shelfwork.  A color printer is needed.