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Missing Numbers Blackline PDF

Missing Numbers Blackline PDF

  • 700

  • Strips that have numerals missing from the sequence; child writes in missing numbers.
  • Early exercises starts with numbers up to 10 and later exercises culminate with numbers to 50.
  • For children in grades K-1
  • Free-response workpages; children write in missing numbers.
  • Ten exercises of five sequences each

    Strips that have numerals missing from the sequence. Child writes in missing numerals.  Early exercises start with numbers up to 10, and later exercises culminate with numbers near 50.

    Digital PDF blackline masters are identical to the shipped paper version but downloaded through email confirmation of the Shopify purchase.  Since no shipping is required, digital files incur no shipping charges or printing expenses on our part, and are therefore offered at half the price.  Digital PDFs are copyrighted and permitted only for recipient.  Digital files are sent to the same email address unless noted otherwise. As is the case for shipped blackline masters, masters printed from digital PDFs may be shared among teachers at a single site.

    Scope and Sequence Chart (Click here)

    The teacher's experience and the sequence of skills in the students' basic math program are the best guides in determining which skills should be introduced first. In general, the scope and sequence chart above can be used as a guide.

    A number of sets for younger children are "color coded." Some teachers present all the levels with an exercise set, while others prefer to present all the blue (two-digit) exercises, progress to the pink (three-digit), and culminate with the green (four-digit).

    Other skills such as Roman Numerals require no prerequisites other rhan an understanding of place value.  Such exercises can be presented any time.

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