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About us

Insights Into Math Concepts was created for classroom use by Dianne Knesek, a veteran Montessori teacher who was also a program coordinator and a private math tutor. The intent was to augment current resources and give greater opportunities for learning through discovery. Greatest emphasis was placed on concept development because it is this foundation that is essential for continued success in mathematics, particularly as students grow older. Concepts and application are also areas neglected in many current math texts which tend to stress computational drill.

Significant progress was realized by students of varying backgrounds. Math phobia experienced by many of the youngsters was being overcome. More notably, a high percentage of students excelled in subsequent math programs, including advanced math and science placement in secondary schools; success in math and science competitions; pursuit of math, engineering, and science majors at the university level; and professional careers in math, science, and computers.

After presenting at a number of math workshops and being encouraged to share ideas about classroom applications, Dianne published the first several exercises. Supported by her husband, who has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics, the company Conceptual Learning Materials, Inc. was created. Since then the product line has grown steadily.