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Suggested Storage

Special storage containers are not necessary, particularly if only one or two children are using the material. Many home school educators have merely used plastic bags, envelopes, or plastic "tackle boxes." However, a number of readily available items have been proven helpful for classroom storage. Listed below are some suggestions for storing Insights into Math Concepts material


Labels are included with any material that is frequently stored in sheet protectors, hardware drawers, or vinyl envelopes. The labels make it easier for teachers to organize the material, as well as for the students to find the appropriate exercise and put it away properly. Labels are not needed for taskcards. These can stored as a set in an organizer, sorter, or literature display rack.

Sheet Protectors or Vinyl Envelopes

  • Perception (10 sheet protectors)
  • Patterns (10 sheet protectors)
  • Patterns (10 sheet protectors)
  • Sets (Organize according to labels)
    Hardware drawers
    Ten drawers
    • Perception (small pieces only)
    • Missing Numbers (small pieces only)
    • Patterns (small pieces only)
    • Golden Beads (blue)
    • Golden Beads (pink)
    • Golden Beads (green)
    • Hundred Line Labels
    • Time A
    • Thousand Line Labels
    • Exchange
    • Time B
    • Time C
    • Rename
    • Fraction Number Line labels
    • Order Fractions
    • Decimal Line labels
    • Order Decimal
    • Decimal/Fraction Equivalence
    • Order Reals
    Fifteen drawers
    • Problem Solving A
    • Money A
    • Order Blue
    • Order (pink) and Order (green)
    • Money B
    • Problem Solving B
    • Geometry Introduction
    • Money C
    • Fraction Match
    • Roman Numerals
    • Inequalities
    • Geometry Intermediate
    Twenty drawers
    • Place Value (5 for blue, 6 for pink, 8 for green, 1 left-over drawer)
    • Problem Solving C
    • Problem Solving D
    • Problem Solving E
    • Intervals (Wholes, Positive Reals, Integers, All Reals require 5 drawers each)

     Hardware drawer providers (based on size and number of drawers)

    • Thirty-drawers: Flambeau 6576NC (available through,,,, and other retailers)
    • Twenty-five drawers:  Flambeau 6576NA (available through,,,, and other retailers)
    • Sixteen-drawers: Akro-Mils #10116 (available through,,, and other retailers)

    Storage suggestions

    There are a number vendors that sell storage drawers.  We have found combinations of 30-drawers, 25-drawers, and 15 drawers helpful for the number of exercises in Insights into Math Concepts series.  Although teachers may have found a number of suitable vendors, we have been suggestions.  We have found these specific products and vendors helpful:  Storage Drawers

    We have also been asked for guidance on storage for multiple exercise sets.