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Preparation of Materials

Each inventory item is packaged separately. In each package are suggestions for its use. Lamination before cutting is recommended for material that may receive heavy use.
Full-page taskcards may be protected by sheet protectors instead of being laminated.
Labels for hardware drawers or zip bags are included with the set. The labels are also valuable in establishing a reasonable amount of work in a work session and for sequencing the work.

Worksheets, free-response exercises on which students write their answers, are available as reproducible masters for photocopying and often as digital files which can be printed directly from a computer.  All worksheets include a site license for reproduction at a single school. Many schools have found it practical to store masters close to the copy machine for teachers to reproduce as needed.

Replacement Parts

Any material damaged in the laminating machine can be replaced by contacting Conceptual Learning Material. Material damaged or lost by the children can be replaced for a small handling fee.