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Intervals (Integers)

Intervals (Integers)

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  • "Integers is third interval set stressing positive and negative integers on a number line
  • Integers as discrete points that exclude in-between values such as fractions
  • For students in grades 5-8
  • Three-way cardstock matching cards with included answers and organization labels
  • Ten separate pages; typically two pages comprise one exercise

Verbal, algebraic, and number line expressions depicting discrete positive and negative integers.: Incremental introduction of discrete positive equalities and inequalities, excluding fractions. Younger students may do as match, while older student do abstractly and use "match" as a check. Students often do two exercises at a sitting.

Three-way cardstock matching cards with included answers and organization labels. (Lamination recommended for heavy use; cutting required.)  recommended Storage (not included): typically five hardware drawers, boxes, or envelopes

Scope and Sequence Chart (Click here)

The teacher's experience and the sequence of skills in the students' basic math program are the best guides in determining which skills should be introduced first. In general, the scope and sequence chart above can be used as a guide.

A number of sets for younger children are "color coded." Some teachers present all the levels with an exercise set, while others prefer to present all the blue (two-digit) exercises, progress to the pink (three-digit), and culminate with the green (four-digit).

Other skills such as Roman Numerals require no prerequisites other rhan an understanding of place value.  Such exercises can be presented any time.

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