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Measurement Charts

Measurement Charts

  • 600

  • Understanding English linear measurement units
  • Understanding English units for capacity
  • For elementary school children
  • Letter-size colored charts printed on white cardstock
  • One chart depicting standard linear units and one depicting standard capacity units

Note:  Measurement charts are considered support material and are not automatically included in classroom sets.

Two charts help children visualize linear measurement and capacity. Linear measurement chart contains yards, feet, and inches. Capacity chart details gallons, quarts, pints, cups, and fluid ounces. Charts also aid in conversions from one standard unit to another.

Letter-size colored charts printed on white cardstock. (Lamination recommended for heavy use.) Recommended storage (not included): literature sorter.

Scope and Sequence Chart (Click here)

The teacher's experience and the sequence of skills in the students' basic math program are the best guides in determining which skills should be introduced first. In general, the scope and sequence chart above can be used as a guide.

A number of sets for younger children are "color coded." Some teachers present all the levels with an exercise set, while others prefer to present all the blue (two-digit) exercises, progress to the pink (three-digit), and culminate with the green (four-digit).

Other skills such as Roman Numerals require no prerequisites other rhan an understanding of place value.  Such exercises can be presented any time.

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