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Tens Gold Blackline

Tens Gold Blackline

  • 1900

  • The magic number of ten to make calculations easy
  • Manipulation of ten's place for place value applications and rounding
  • For children in grades 1-3
  • Third-page cardstock taskcards and paper answer keys
  • 30 separate free-response exercises with 9 or 12 questions each
  • First grade
  • Second grade
  • Third Grade

Children learn that ten is a "magic number" and can make operations easy. Ten as an addend and subtrahend, nine as an addend, increasing or decreasing in ten's place, making tens to add, number patterns, multiples of ten, rounding.

Third-page cardstock taskcards and paper answer keys (Lamination recommended for heavy use; requires two cuts per page; may store uncut answer keys in binder or file.)  Recommended storage is
nine-inch by three-inch plastic organizer.

Scope and Sequence Chart (Click here)

The teacher's experience and the sequence of skills in the students' basic math program are the best guides in determining which skills should be introduced first. In general, the scope and sequence chart above can be used as a guide.

A number of sets for younger children are "color coded." Some teachers present all the levels with an exercise set, while others prefer to present all the blue (two-digit) exercises, progress to the pink (three-digit), and culminate with the green (four-digit).

Other skills such as Roman Numerals require no prerequisites other rhan an understanding of place value.  Such exercises can be presented any time.

Cardstock variant is used for individualized work students may access as needed. As with many educational labs, students record their answers on a separate sheet of paper and then return the taskcard for other students to use.  Because repeated use is anticipated, lamination or sheet protectors without tabs are recommended for the cardstock pages.  Full-page cardstock can  be stored in portable literature display (landscape orientation), and third and half-page cardstock can be cut and stored in 9" x 3" plastic organizer.  Separate paper answer pages can be stored in a binder or separate file.

Blackline masters are good for whole-group instruction, homework, tutoring sessions, and assessments.  Because they are used to reproduce worksheets for multiple students, they include copyright for a given site.   (However, copyright does not permit sharing among different sites.) Blacklines may be stored in a file or binder and kept in the copy room for teachers to copy for their class as needed.  Teachers usually keep a copy of the answer pages in a separate file or binder in the classroom.

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